Patricia Taylor, monthly adventure

You know every single dorky or embarrassing thing you’ve ever wanted to do, but didn’t because you were afraid about what other people would think? Fear of judgment and all?

Well, I pulled up my big girl panties and went straight ahead and did all those crazy things anyhow – not giving a damn what other people thought and having the time of my life.

It’s my journey – not theirs.

Looking back over the last 99 adventures…I’ve done 99 different things that I’ve never done before before.

Some big, some small. Some definitely life altering. And others that were just plain ole fun.

Upon reflection, there were certain adventures that stood out for me – but for reasons that were sometimes unexpected.

My Favourite

By far, my favourite to date was going Sasquatch Hunting with the Bigfoot Research Organization (BFRO). Why? Because I couldn’t tell anyone where I was going (non-disclosure agreement), I drove for hours and hours to a undisclosed location, and hung out with a group of people who turned out to be really nice and normal. Then, without question, my love for all things technology got the better of me when I put on that $10,000 hat all geared out with night vision. Darcy, my main contact at the BFRO, turned out to be a really great friend – someone that I’ve gone on a few other adventures with. The long and the short of this adventure is that I felt like a kid all over again. I was hunting down that creature that lives in my bedroom closet and occasionally hangs out under my bed waiting for my foot or hand to hang over the edge. But it was my turn to hunt the hunter. My imagination was wild with possibility.

The Worst EVER

The one that still freaks me out to no end is the Cuddle Party. I JUST DON’T WANT STRANGERS TOUCHING ME…EVER.

The One that Made Me Cry

Then there was the one that made me cry for days – Walking With Flowers. I discovered I lived in a city filled with distrustful people who SCREAMED at me for trying to give them a flower. I was shocked and horrified at their behaviour. In the end, I was in tears. I couldn’t stop crying. And worse yet, I couldn’t even give away all my flowers. I just didn’t expect the adventure to turn out like this.

The One where I Broke a Body Part

I broke my arm delivering newspapers after 4 days. I knew I was clumsy, but still. What the heck?!

The One where I got a New Name

I accidentally became Buddhist and got a cool new name – Yeshe Lamo (Wisdom Goddess). Accidents happen.

The Ones that were all about my friend, Debra McDonald, who suffers from MS

I donated my body to science for my close friend, Debra, who has been sitting in a wheelchair for the last decade because of her MS. And because of her, I got to run with Rick Hansen and hang out with famous footballer, Lui Passaglia, during the 25 Year Anniversary – Man in Motion relay as medal bearers.

Crazy FUN!!

I stayed the night in the middle of a Zoo and spent all night long exploring. I learned how to dig up dead bodies – who knew I’d be so good at that?

The most EXPENSIVE ones

$6000 for my International Life Coaching Certification and $4000 for my Hypnotherapy Certification.


All in all, it’s been a good 99 adventures with my 100th taking me across my beautiful country, seeing my land, meeting my people.


© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, April 2016