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Well….I really have no idea.

I have an idea of what I’d like, but to build something I actually like that is practical and efficient and useful – well, where to even begin?

My dad and I agree that the kitchen part should be at the back of the van, so as to access it from the rear. This will enable us to cook and make tea whenever we want, wherever we are.

The middle of the van will be where the storage and sleep area is.

So how to go about this?

Pinterest, first.

Brainstorming, second.

Pen and paper, third.

With my dad on the case, it is sure to be constructed out of 3/4 inch plywood – everything he makes is that size – including the crib board he made for me 🙂

Well…it’ll sure be interesting to see what happens. HOPEFULLY, the design will be light enough and modular so I can put it in and take it out myself – without help from anyone.

But, first things first…getting the van in order.

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