Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure CanadaOh…Canada.

I love you.

You’ve been my home all my life and I just want you to know that you seriously rock.

There are so many things  about you that make you special. Things that stand out.

And I am so excited to travel coast to coast – and as far north as I can possibly go.

I’ve been doing some research for my upcoming trip and I’ve learned a few interesting things about our upcoming date:

  • You are the second largest country in the world which means I’m going to be putting some serious kilometres on my van.
  • Your territory is almost as large as Europe and just a bit bigger than the USA.
  • Your population is just over 10 percent of the population of the USA – which would explain the HUGE vast tracks of empty land.
  • Nearly 90% of Canadians live within 300 kilometres of the Canada/U.S border. Me, included.
  • You have the longest coastline of any country in the world. I was born on the coastline…and I live on the coastline. Go figure.
  • You have 10 provinces and 3 territories – and I’m going to be exploring every single one except Nunavut on this trip – unfortunately, I just can’t afford it. It’s too bad…but I suspect you and I will be meeting soon enough.
  • You have 6 timezones!
  • Almost half your population was born in other countries – which makes you incredibly awesome and multicultural with all sorts of tasty foods. My mom being one of them.
  • You have diamond mines and the world’s largest wheat fields, not to mention youare the largest producer of uranium…and don’t forget about all that crazy timber we have. Oh, yeah…
  • You have the highest number of donut shops per capita than any other country. Crazy, that.
  • You hold many secrets – one of them being an underground laboratory called SNOLAB that studies dark matter physics. COOL.

Seriously though…you are such an amazing country and I am so looking forward to hanging out with you, you gorgeous creature.

Sweet action.