The Adventure – Exploring the World of Remote Viewing

Do YOU have what it takes to become a psychic spy?

It’s not every day the police officer confirms that the dead body was partially consumed by animals and birds.

Who would have thunk it?

I went into this knowing absolutely nothing about the situation when asked to check out a complete stranger who died a mere 1000 kilometres away from me.

Remote Viewing

I was trained by Paul Elder from The Monroe Institute in the art and science of remote viewing, also sometimes known as ‘psychic spying’.

But really, what it is is the ability to provide information about a ‘target’ that can’t be picked up using any normal senses (sight, sound, smell, touch or taste). And as a viewer, you aren’t told anything about the target – in fact, the less information, the better. The target can be a person, place, event, or thing – and time is irrelevant. It’s like it’s happening right then and there when in session. And it certainly doesn’t work like watching a film on the big screen when you close your eyes. No. What happens is that many get impressions, feelings, smells – but never quite the entire picture.

Pyramids and Triangles…

My first time, I was so confused. I couldn’t figure out why I kept drawing triangles and stick people wearing backpacks. I also felt heat on my skin. I didn’t clue in to the fact that the target was the Great Pyramid of Giza – a hot place with a lot of sun, tourists with backpacks, and…well, you guessed it…a triangular-shaped pyramid – from one side, anyways.

Not bad for my first time.

Seeing through someone else’s eyes…

Even better was when I had to remote view through the eyes of another person – that is, observing the target through the eyes of an unknown person in an unknown location somewhere on this vast planet. I sensed the target was a woman located in an inner-city park, and I smelled food, seeing children and dogs everywhere. But then something peculiar happened – during the session it felt as though my bra was cutting deeply into my flesh. This was unusual because I specifically wore a comfortable bra for these sessions.

Turns out, I got everything right. But even more shocking was the answer to my million dollar question: because of the bra, was I just picking up on the fact that she was a woman or was there something actually going on with it? The woman on the other end of the phone laughed and said her bra was cutting into her skin due to water retention over the last few hours.

Interesting, that.

But even more interesting was when a few of us devised a strategy to accurately predict the winner of a football game. And out of the 7 times we remote viewed the outcome of a game, we accurately predicted the winner EACH TIME.

Remote viewing can be used for many different types of things: finding missing people, playing the stock market, finding things that are lost…and even as a law enforcement application.

An extended adventure…

Long story short, this was an extended adventure. After taking the first course, Level I – Controlled Remote Viewing, I continued on with my training eventually getting my Level II CRV – Extended Remote Viewing followed by my Level III – Mastering Remote Viewing.

Interesting Factoids about remote viewing:

  • From 1972 to 1995, the US Military and Intelligence organizations conducted and implemented ESP research programs after discovering that China and the USSR had been doing it for years. Remote viewing programs were used as an intelligence gathering tool, designed specifically for espionage purposes.
  • The most famous documented remote viewing program was Project Stargate.
  • Remote viewing is done based on a series of strict science-based protocols.
  • Movies made about remote viewing: Suspect Zero and Men Who Stare At Goats
  • Types of remote viewing: CRV – coordinated remote viewing, ERV – extended remote viewing, and ARV – associative remote viewing.
  • There is evidence to suggest that remote viewing accuracy is impacted by the local sidereal time.
  • Many remote viewers use sound, specifically a binaural beat, to drop them into a theta state for remote viewing purposes.

Imagine a world where you can just close your eyes and see through someone else’s eyes. Discover the world of Remote Viewing…or as some would say, psychic spying.

So are you ready to join the league of extraordinary psychic spies? You’ll never be bored.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, March 2009