The Adventure – Becoming Paparazzi

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well…most photos probably aren’t worth much of anything if you don’t know what you’re doing with that camera in your hand, so I enrolled into a photography course with Focal Point Studios. After all, I had this spanky new Nikon D90 that I knew how to turn on and off – which was, sadly, the extent of my knowledge.

So, after 10 weeks of training compressed into a 5 week program, I was ready to capture my entire world with just one click.

I was shooting photos at weddings, doing family portraits, capturing anything of interest – not to mention visually documenting my adventures

Interesting Photography Factoids

  • Photography is from the Greek word meaning ‘Painting with Light’.
  • In 1836, the first practical camera, the daguerreotype, was created by Louis Jacques Daguerre.
  • In 1840, black and white photos were retouched with watercolours in order to make them coloured.
  • In 1861, James Maxwell (a British physicist), took the first colour photograph.
  • In older photos, no one smiled because it took a long time to expose the picture – sometimes up to 20 minutes. Smiles and blinks would result in a blurry image.

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