The Adventure – Exploring different realities using Hemispheric Synchronization

Patricia Taylor | Monthly Adventure | Hemispheric SynchronizationInterested in consciousness or delving into the cosmic gateways between worlds?

Well, I decided to spend an entire weekend in a pitch black room, laying on the floor with nothing but a mattress, blanket, and headphones – all in order to achieve ‘expanded states of awareness’ by listening to Hemi-Sync, an audio-guidance technology designed by the Monroe Institute.

The excursion program was specially designed to act as a catalyst for deep levels of relaxation, self-awareness and the exploration of different states of consciousness through direct experience – not to mention the exploration of out-of-body states. By facilitating our internal voyage inward, the Monroe Institute helped me to discover that we are more than our physical bodies.

During the  course, it felt like I almost had an out-of-body experience – but the one thing stopping me from escaping the chains of my mortal coil was the woman beside me who seemed to be extremely intent on having some sort of a personal meltdown. Crying and wailing and sniffling like a banshee, she pierced my eardrums only two feet away (even with headphones on!!)…the unfortunate side effect being that it kept me ‘grounded’ on my ethereal flight.

Well, next time, I guess.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, May 2009