The Adventure РPartying with My Own Inner Child

Too many people take themselves way too seriously.

Stern and unbending – it’s like they took the red pill and permanently forgot what it was like to be a child – innocent, seeking, carefree, fun-loving and in the moment.

I discovered that being serious a lot of the time – ie. discussing serious topics, always behaving properly, hanging out with other serious-minded folk – is boring me to death.

This is why you rarely ever hear me discuss my work in natural resources or the environment or even the negative impacts of persistent organic pollutants on human health. I can see the writing on the wall very clearly thanks, and as far as I’m concerned, talk is cheap and doesn’t get anything done about the condition of the world we live in.[quote-float]I’m discovering that being serious a lot of the time – ie. discussing serious topics, always behaving properly, hanging out with other serious-minded folk – is boring me to death.[/quote-float]Action, however…well, now you’ve got something there. Actions really do speak louder than words in my little world which was why I decided to get it going on with that little girl inside of me that’s been begging to come out and get her groove on.

It was a party going on…

On my birthday this year, I decided to do something a little different.

It didn’t include a romantic dinner with a non-existent boyfriend or even a sex-in-the-city style brunch with said fabulous gal-pals on some exclusive outdoor patio in a stylish section of my city filled to the brim with other stylin’ peeps.

Heck no.

My birthday included miniature golf, ice cream cones, dog washing at a car wash, hanging out the beach, followed by racing turbo charged go-carts.


This little girl felt the need for speed!

By the time I blew out the candles on my cake, I had a huge shit-eating grin on my face. It was the best birthday ever.

Reasons to become childlike:

  • All those ‘I should…’ or ‘one day I’ll…’ simply go away and are replaced by ‘doing’ – becoming your reality. Nothing is put off until tomorrow because you’re busy living in the moment.
  • You are not afraid of looking ridiculous.
  • Knowing and believing the world is adventurous and filled with magic as you begin to see the world through kid (rose)-coloured glasses!
  • Living without inhibitions, not bound by polite societal rules, being free-spirited! Meaning, you can be playful and have some real fun!
  • Lots and lots of laughter…hahaha!!!!
  • Seeing the world through kids-coloured glasses, the innocence of life.
  • Relive those feelings of childhood excitement…the night before christmas, waking up on the day of your birthday knowing you get cake and presents, going off on a field trip during school hours, the discovery of chocolate on an easter egg hunt, that discovery of learning something new…

Things you can do to be a kid all over again:

  • Reproduce and create offspring. Guaranteed by the time a few years have rolled around, you’ll get to be a kid all over again by seeing things through their precious eyes.
  • Go to a laughter yoga class. I always feel like a complete idiot in these classes because I’m laughing at nothing in particular. And then I feel so foolish laughing, which makes me laugh even harder, because I’m even having that stupid internal dialogue about looking ridiculous.
  • Get creative – take an art class, do some finger painting, play with some class, do a doodle art!
  • Get some action – go do mini-golf place, go bowling, get shot at playing laser tag or paintball, go go-carting or 4-wheeling.
  • Get messy – go do some finger painting, play in the mud, splash around in mud puddles, throw snowballs, create sand castles.
  • Play games, do whatever it takes, just go down memory lane and try to remember the things you loved best when you were a kid.

What’s wrong with wearing kid-coloured glasses? …besides absolutely nothing?[/quote-float]I don’t know…do I really need to spell it out to all the serious-minded folk out there as to why we need to take a break from living a well-constructed, jump-through-all-societal-hoops type existence? There is an innocence and a joy in being child-like – and it can change the way you see the world.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, August 2009