The Adventure – Learning Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Patricia Taylor | Monthly Adventure | TFT | Thought Field TherapyThought Field Therapy, or TFT, is considered to be a type of fringe therapy developed by the psychologist, Roger Callahan. By tapping on certain meridian points on the hands and upper body, it is reported to heal (and even resolve) mental and physical ailments.

The terminology ‘thought’ was derived from the theory that when a person thinks about a particular experience associated with an emotional or physical ailment, they are tuning in to a thought field – much like tuning in to a radio station. Within the ‘thought field’ (energy field) is information patterns – or perturbations – which can result in mental disquietude.

By tapping on the meridian points specific to the perturbation, the associated emotions can be switched off, thus releasing the emotions tied to the root cause. The memory may still be there, but they are no longer negatively impacted.

And as luck would have it, I randomly came across TFT while watching a documentary film with a friend. A few weeks later, I found a trainer in Canada and flew there to take the training program.

TFT Therapy is Used for:

  • Trauma relief like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Elimination of fears, anxiety and stress.
  • Ease feelings of depression.
  • Phobias and compulsions.
  • Successful weight loss or smoking cessation.

Interesting Facts About TFT:

  • TFT goes directly to the “root cause” of all psychological problems.
  • Is considered to be a ‘fringe psychological treatment’.
  • EFT, or Effective Freedom Technique, originates from TFT.
  • Was created by Roger Callahan in 1980.
  • TFT is now the unique and precise form of Energy Psychology that has become one of the most powerful and effective therapies to eliminate the root cause of all emotional problems.

Volunteer teams of TFT practitioners have helped to resolve the trauma of both war and natural disasters in:

  • Kosovo – PTSD directly resulting from ethnic cleansing.
  • New York – 9/11.
  • New Orleans – Hurricane Katrina.
  • Rwandia – Malaria.
  • Haiti – Earthquake.

 Why learn TFT?

  • Brief self-help with rapid, measurable results.
  • High success with most problems or negative emotions.
  • Works with any age from very young children to the elderly.
  • Effective help without the pain or re-traumatization or reliving of past problems.

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