# 24 – MEDIUM

The Adventure – Seeing A Medium About Some Dead People

She asked me if there was anyone dead I wanted to talk to.

Uh…no. Not really.

As far as I knew there were no family heirlooms of mysterious origin tucked away by deceased ancestors. There was no one I desperately needed to talk to from ‘the other side’.

Might be an interesting way to do genealogy.

Well, I guess I should admit that I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when I went to see the medium. A friend of mine went to one and thought the whole thing was so amazing…and for a whopping $200, I bit the bullet and certainly hoped so.

But it wasn’t anything like the television series with the same name…

[quote-float]I was visited by a few dead relatives. It wasn’t so surprising that they had nothing to say to me – after all, we didn’t really know each other.[/quote-float] I was visited by a few dead relatives. It wasn’t so surprising that they had nothing to say to me – after all, we didn’t really know each other.

But they did have something to say to living family relatives. Go figure. The first visitor, the medium said, was an aunt I shared a name with. As it turns out, my dead aunt Patricia died one month after my father was born.

The other visitor was an aunt who was very important and influential in my life. She died in her sleep on her birthday just over a decade ago – and I still miss her today. Well, that was nice. But nothing really life altering.

Now all of the dead visitors were fine and dandy, but like I said, there was no one dead I wanted to talk to. However, the thing that made an impression on me was when she spoke of a town I lived in. She named the place  – then said,

“You know bad things have happened in that town. But there are a lot of worse things still happening that no one knows about. The land is angry – and it’s affecting the people that live there.”


Yeah…I do know some bad stuff that happened there. The murders and the murderers.

So when she said the land was angry and it was impacting the people, I couldn’t help but think that she was so right about it all. It made sense to me.  It also led me to believe a few other things…but all in good time. The truth will eventually come out. But that is not my story to tell…yet.

So what exactly does a medium do?

A medium is a person who communicates with spirits of the dead – or other entities – then relays the message. In essence, the medium works on an energetic or spirit level and channels between two worlds.

Some Infamous Mediums include:

  • Danielle Egnew communicates with angelic entities.
  • J. Z. Knight channels the spirit of Ramtha, a 30,000 year old man.
  • Brahma Kumaris channels ascended masters and spirits from future dimensions.
  • Esther Hicks channels Abraham – a group of entities that are described as a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension.
  • Darryl Anka channels Bashar,  an extra-terrestrial entity that exists in a parallel reality. The main things channeled include:  human psychology, metaphysics, planetary evolution, and extra-terrestrials.

But there are many, many more.

Reasons why I went to see a Medium:

  • I was curious to see who would show up.
  • I was wondering what the dead person would like to talk about – sports, politics, religion, family stuff – who knows what’s important to them on the other side?
  • It’d be interesting trying to figure out which dead person is talking to you – that is, if they haven’t already given you their name.
  • I was wondering what would be said about my life – my past, my present, my future. What did ‘they’ have to say on the other side? Would there be any dire warnings about my adventurous lifestyle – or would the gods rain down blessings and shower me with love, laughter, and eternal bliss? One can only manifest…I mean, dream.

© Patricia Taylor, December 2009, Monthly Adventure