The Adventure – Learning how to read Faces

The television series, Lie to Me is a show about interpreting micro-expressions and body language in order to expose the truth behind lies.I was fascinated – after all, who wouldn’t be interested in knowing when someone was lying to you?

So when the opportunity to take any kind of face reading course presented itself, I immediately signed up.

Does your face scream absolute awesomeness – or do your features betray the monster lurking within?

Although first impressions are mostly unconscious, with conscious training, you can get a fuller perspective of those around you, if you know what to look for. For thousands of years, face reading has been used as a method to ‘read’ people, to figure out who they really are.

Face reading is called Physiognomy, and it’s been an accepted form of practice by such brilliant minds as Aristotle, Hippocrates, Galen and Chaucer. Of course, in this day in age it’s nothing more than a pseudoscience. We don’t believe in such hocus-pocus….or do we?

The evidence for its basis in accuracy is somewhat compelling.

Do you have Sanpaku eyes?

Sanpaku is a Japanese term that means ‘three whites’ – with two of the whites of the eye located to the left and right of the iris, with the last third positioned either above or below the iris. There are two types of Sanpaku eyes – Yin (below) and Yang (above). To have this condition, according to the face reading experts, indicates that a nervous condition, suffering from poor health and possible premature death – depending on the severity.

Michael Jackson – YIN Sanpaku Eyes

Yin sanpaku is where the third exposed white is below the iris. It looks like the iris is floating upward.

Those with yin sanpaku eyes are typically afflicted with exhaustion, no energy, illness. Many are gravely ill or approaching death. The excessive intake of yin substances, such as sugar, refined foods, alcohol, drugs, medicine could play a role in this state.

It is common for those with this condition to put themselves unwittingly into situations where they are attracting danger from the outside (from elsewhere). Some do not survive.

Famous people with YIN sanpaku eyes:  Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Sal Mineo, Natalie Wood, President Abraham Lincoln.

Monthly Adventure | Patricia Taylor | Face Reading | Yang Sanpaku | Charles Manson

Charles Manson – YANG Sanpaku Eyes

Yang sanpaku is where the third exposed white of the eye is exposed above the iris. It looks like the iris is sinking down toward the bottom eyelid.

It is suggested that this condition comes from the excessive intake of meat, salt, and hard cheeses, not to mention a predilection for violence.

Those with Yang sanpaku eyes reveal a dangerous, self-centred, violent type individual who are only concerned with fulfilling their own ambition without any thought for anyone else, no matter what the cost.

Unlike yin where the danger comes from the outside, with yang sanpaku, the danger comes from within. They can be extremely violent and capable of destruction – not just themselves – but of others as well. Charles Manson is the perfect example of yang sanpaku.

What your face reveals about your personality:

Ears – interaction with others, longevity, degree of risk-taking.
Ears stick out – unconventional, independent thinker. Scholarly, quick thinker, stubborn.
Pointy ears – reveals that you are not as kind-hearted and reliable as you like to make out. On the positive side, you are original and inventive.
Earlobes attached to side of your head – bossy, perceived as superficial.

Eyes – intelligence, how open to experience and life one is.
Closely set – narrow perspective on life. Intolerant.
Far set eyes – very tolerant of others, gullible.
Deep-set eyes – reserved, cautious. Deeply romantic, never unrealistic in love.
Protruding eyes – strong-willed and egotistical, and you hate being interrupted or left out of anything.

Nose – reveals finances, how one works, the ego. 
Long nose – talent for planning and strategy.
Short nose – workaholic, dependable workhorse.
Wide nose – provide support and protection to those in your care. Generosity, sharing.
Narrow nose – independent and self-sufficient.
Crooked nose – high potential for extramarital affairs, frustration in intimate relationships.

Mouth – expression.
Full lips – very expressive, physically and emotionally.
Thin lips – reserved and cautious, determined and decisive.
Top lip thin – sign of financial difficulties.
Thin bottom lip – you may be unreliable.
Mouth turn down naturally – natural pessimist.
Mouth turns upwards – natural optimist.

Chin – assertiveness, character, willpower.
Pointed – need to remain in control at all times, intelligent, oversensitive, mood swings.
Weak – peace lover, popular, follows orders, avoid conflict, lack of ambition.
Jawline – determination.

Grain of Salt…

Like all things of this nature, I can only take it with a grain of salt.

Granted, since the face reading course, I’ve noticed some rather interesting correlations between what the instructor taught me and the faces of people I actually know personally. A fellow I know who is super greedy weirdly enough has the ‘greedy nose’. And I’m not accusing him of being greedy – he’s actually admitted it to me. Go figure.

Now, I still haven’t figured out what the mole on my face means, but I’m hoping for something seriously awesome instead of ominous and depressing! Bring on the good stuff!!

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, July 2010