The Adventure – Getting Abducted by Aliens

Patricia - alienIt would definitely be a waste of space if we were the only living things in the universe.

Without question, I’ve always been curious about the whole UFO thing…not to mention life-forms of an unusual and extra-terrestrial nature. I mean, who wouldn’t be influenced after existing during the era of Star Trek, Star Wars, Red Dwarf, Alien, Galaxy Quest, Farscape, Firefly, and my all-time favourite, Dune.

So there I was, sitting in a room filled to the brim with abductees.

But I digress.

Can we even begin to comprehend just exactly how large our universe is? To put it into perspective, imagine the universe containing BILLIONS of galaxies, with each one containing BILLIONS of stars.

WE have a star that we call the ‘SUN’ which we see every day – unless it’s raining, of course. But imagine if there are billions of galaxies that contain billions of stars – then it’s highly likely that there are going to be ‘some‘ planets similar in design to our wee planet.

I’d think so.

You would think that if the universe is ‘supposedly’ infinite, then wouldn’t there be infinite possibilities? After taking multiple statistics courses in university, I’m willing to bet on that probability. It’s probably even statistically significant if you Math & Stats people know what I’m saying.

Just sayin’…

But the bottom line is this: after taking multiple statistics courses in college and university, I’m willing to bet on the probability of infinite possibilities.

If we live in a universe that is infinite, then it only stands to reason there are infinite possibilities. Do you see where I’m going with this? So if there are infinite possibilities, then from a logical perspective, it only stands to reason that Life from outside our wee teensy-tiny galaxy exists – and in varying sizes and forms.

Now, I don’t know about you, but the very thought of this excites me. I like the idea of exploration beyond our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, our neck of the woods. And granted, a part of me feels a little trepidation for the more obvious reasons – like…what if we are nothing more than a science experiment gone wrong and now we must be exterminated?

Alien Abduction Meeting

As I was saying, I was sitting in a room filled with alien abductees. People who experienced so-called alien encounters…and some in a not-so-good way. I was curious to see what they’d have to say. Probably more curious to see if I could actually take them seriously.

After all, there are nutbars out in the world, I’ve noticed.

But a few hours later when I walked out of the meeting, I was more than a little shocked, and more than a little disturbed.

What I heard in that room that very night still sends shivers down my spine and the men who spoke that night were, for outward appearances, seemingly nice and most certainly normal looking.

But it wasn’t even what they said, it was how they said it.

Their voices rang eerily true when they described their experiences and how they were taken. To be frank, what transpired that night I will not say because I’m not really interested in sharing the intimate details of their lives out of respect for their privacy.


I know that we’ve seen way too many movies or tv shows about how the earthlings are being taken and subjected to continuous science experiments. And watching this can only plant a fear, even at a subconscious level, of the unknown. That being said, it’s probably more wishful thinking than anything, that intelligent life elsewhere does not exist. It’s easier and helps us to not live in fear.

I think a part of us would like to believe that there is Life out there -somewhere, anywhere. Especially when we seem to be killing the one good thing we have going for us – the very planet we live on. Don’t even try to argue with me on this point. I know all too well what’s going on in our world from an environmental perspective. But that being said, the idea, the very notion that Life, intelligent life, exists beyond our world is an exciting, yet scary thought.

If you really want to get freaked out, go see what the Vatican is saying about UFOs and aliens.


I do believe in infinite possibilities along with the probability that intelligent life exists elsewhere in this vast, unending universe. I do believe the stories told to me from very rational, logical and intelligent family members who have personally witnessed things they could not explain – things they could only describe as not-of-this-planet.

And it sometimes surprises me how narrow-minded the thinking is on this planet. There is a sense of blind arrogance involved with the belief that ‘WE’ are the only intelligent lifeforms in this universe, a universe without end. But I’m not one to blindly follow the blind. I don’t just jump off a cliff because I am told it’s what I should do in order to fit in and be like everyone else.

Now, maybe I will never see an alien in my lifetime…and to be perfectly frank, it’d probably seriously scare the shit out of me to have an encounter – but that being said, it will never negate my belief that other life does exist elsewhere.

Live long and prosper.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, October 2010