Patricia Taylor | Monthly Adventure | Website LaunchThe Adventure – Officially launching my Monthly Adventure website.

I spent MONTHS learning about what a website is and then training myself to actually do something that resembles website design. Endless hours were spent trying to figure out what I was going to do with this thing, what I wanted to accomplish.

Long story short, the whole purpose of the monthly adventure website is to not only tell people what I’ve been up to, but to inspire others to live a life filled with wonder and adventure.

I want people like you to get curious, to meet new people and have ‘near life’ experiences. To become friends with that little kid inside of you. To move beyond what you believe are your personal limits. To try doing something different for a change, to something you’ve never done before.

I want people to realize that there is a world filled to the brim with adventure right there in their own back yard. You don’t necessarily need to leave the country and travel half-way around the world to find it. It’s there – sometimes it’s just a matter of digging around or being open to trying something new. And it could be something physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, metaphysical…whatever. As long as it’s something you’ve never done before.

These adventures, they change you and I’m different now because of it.

They’ve opened my eyes to all sorts of possibility. I now believe I’m capable of so much more and that I can do almost anything I set my mind to. Granted, I may stumble and fall and break a few things along the way, but I’m armed with the knowledge that I’ve had a taste, that I did my best, that I showed up.

This life I lead…it may be a different sort of living…but I am, without question, living a life worth living.

You should join me.

See your life in a whole new way.