Patricia Taylor | Monthly Adventure | Singing LessonsThe Adventure: Singing Lessons with Dr. Michael Levykh

I have always been somewhat embarrassed about my voice.

My singing experience includes strolling through a remote forest singing my heart out while scaring away every living creature within a 10 mile radius.

Added to my repertoire includes me singing along to the radio while driving home from the USA during 9/11 with my best friend, who, incidentally, BEGGED me to stop singing…promising me her firstborn if I’d PLEASE JUST STOP.

Then there was the family member who told me point blank that my voice was terrible and to please just stop.

With all this awesome feedback, you would have thought that would be the end of it.

But Dr. Michael Levykh, brilliant pianist and professional singer, tested my voice to see if I could sing.

And, with all astonishment, I could.

With lessons and practice.

Each week, we would meet and he could hear how my voice was changing with all that practice.

But he could also tell when I didn’t. 🙂

At times when I needed to understand the theory about why a certain thing was done, or how something worked, Michael would patiently take the time out of our practice session to explain the how and the why behind the singer’s voice.

My voice can be very deep. I am, apparently, what they call a contralto.

The lessons are a work in progress and I recognize that I have to get over my fear of singing in front of others…unless I’m doing drunken karaoke with the usual suspects who are even worse than me.

It’s funny, though…singing is something that leaves me feeling particularly vulnerable.

I guess a part of me will never forget all those times people where shutting me down, telling me to shut up because my singing horrifies them. Michael once commented on how I seem to have some sort of a block. I agree.

For that reason, it makes for a very challenging adventure – because I feel like such a loser, so horrible.

But without question, Michael was ever so patient, with always a smile on his face, kindly taking me through the music scales and practicing songs.

I will never be a great singer, but it doesn’t really matter. I enjoy singing for just the simple joy of singing.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, September 2011