flying simulatorThe Adventure – Learning How to Fly

It was probably the second time I crashed the plane that made me wonder what the hell I was getting myself into.

I mean, to crash a plane on both take off AND landing?

Clearly not a good sign and I’d obviously taken crazy pills of some sort.

Thankfully this happened in the flight simulator.

Flying - the planetBut as I drove to the airport on the second day, I knew that my trusty pilot instructor – who, I might add, was only a 21 year old female pilot – would ensure we’d survive our maiden voyage into the bright blue skies.


So when the time came, our plane raced down the runway, going faster and faster, and I felt a smile begin to grow on my face – ever so huge.

I was actually flying a plane.

Is there anything more to say?


I love my life.



After having a taste of what flying could be like by taking an introductory flying lesson, I am now thinking it’d be great to turn this into an extended adventure by actually taking ground school where’d I learn all sorts of interesting things.

Things like how airplanes are designed, what the instruments are and how they work, flight theory – not to mention learning all about navigation and weather. Of course, there’s probably a lot more to it than that….like…what do do when your motors crap out.

Why do this?

flyingWell…with my lifestyle choices, you never know when I might need to commandeer an airplane to escape from all those imaginary bad people chasing me…or maybe even go off in search of an ancient artifact whenever I get into that Indiana Jones kind of mood. Who can really say?


© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, November 2011