Patricia Taylor | Monthly Adventure | Cruelty Free CartoonsThe Adventure: Getting in touch with your Cartoon Character

Ever wonder what your cartoon character looks like?

Turns out, if I was in an Archie comic book, I’d more or less physically resemble Veronica – but without all the wealth and all her other negative characteristics…so I’d like to think!

Sitting at my favourite hangout, Granville Island Tea Company, it’s not every day  I get to have a cup of tea with an artistic genius who can whip up and capture what I’m trying to do with the adventures in my life – all in 5 minutes.

Mark’s first name is Seriously. His middle name is Unbelievably. And his last name is Talented.  Seriously Unbelievably Talented.  And he does this for a living. Within moments, he can capture your essence all on his trusty portable laptop.

Check out his Facebook Page or Wwebsite:  Cruelty Free Cartoons

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