The Adventure: Bio-Energy & Tuning in to Your Inner Yoda.

How to Take Down a Man

He was over 200 pounds and about to squish me like a bug.

And it’s not as if I even touched him…

But really, the story actually began earlier in the week with the arrival of an unexpected email.

It said, “Bio-energy Healing – join us for a free introductory session.” Not having any other plans, I decided the offer was interesting enough to warrant a peek-see…that, and it was free.

Having no prior knowledge or preconceived notions of what I was getting myself into (which is, of course, exactly the way I like it), it put me into the position of having a beginner’s mind, filled with endless possibilities.

After an intriguing 2 hour demonstration, I signed up for Michael D’Alton’s ‘experiential’ weekend workshop. A few days later, I walked into a room filled with an eclectic assortment of people – men and women of all ages and backgrounds. It was great.

Bio-energy, according to the instructor, is the energy of life and we (humans) are all energetic beings.

Bio = Life.

I wondered about this statement – the part where we are all energetic beings – so I did some research to see what ‘scientific proof’ was out there to confirm his statement. Interestingly enough, it turns out there are plenty of scientific articles published on the topic.

The human body actually has an energy field.

Who would have thunk it?

Apparently, the activities of cells and tissues generate electrical fields detected on the skin’s surface – and according to the laws of physics – anything with an electrical current generates a corresponding magnetic field in the surrounding space. As it turns out, the skin’s barely detectable electrical field creates a low frequency electromagnetic field that extends beyond the physical body. This is called an ‘aura.’

Gotta love science.

Now, the premise with bio-energy ‘healing’ is that when we are healthy, our energetic system flows naturally – but when things go wrong – such as a physical ailment or disease, there is a disruption to the flow. So what the practitioner does is work on the energy centre (chakra) nearest to the problem in the body, clearing out ‘excess’ energy. For instance, if I had issues with my bladder or reproductive tract, there’s a good probability that the nearest chakra – in this case, the sacral chakra – would be energetically ‘blocked.’

Over the course of the weekend, all the students got to practice with each other. I eventually got paired up with one particular fellow…not only was he nice to look at, but he was also the LARGEST guy in the class.

Taking turns, we mimicked the hand motions of the instructor, trailing and twirling our fingers through each other’s auric field without physical contact. Standing upright with eyes closed, it felt as though I was being moved around, drawn in the direction of his fingers. Granted, I would be moving about anyhow just standing there with my eyes closed whether anyone was standing there or not…but the movement was more than a little unusual. I’ll explain shortly.

When it was my turn to treat my partner, I stood behind him and began to move the energy around the back of his head. I felt like a mime, but obviously with far less finesse. Much to my surprise, the 200 pound, 6 foot something giant started to fall backwards on me. Weirdly enough, with the grace of a limbo dancer, he was able to inexplicably catch himself before squishing me. Still to this day, I have no idea how he did it.

I looked at him with shock and awe. Then I looked at my hands with utter amazement…and awe.  That’s right…‘awe’ as in freaking AWEsome. How amazing was it that this ginormous man was about to fall over backwards because little ‘ole me was doing something with my hands that I never thought possible!


As the initial shock wore off, I became increasingly impressed with the absolute power I now possess…and like Dr. Evil I can now rule the world with my two fists-of-fury henchmen by my side (otherwise known as my hands) to do all my evil-bidding.

Or not.

If bio-energy healing is considered to be within the realm of ‘fringe’ science, then it is truly fringe science at it’s finest. Not only did I get to ‘tinker’ with auric energy fields and meet new best friends, but I also learned to do something I thought only Yoda could do.

It is more than likely that there is more to bio-energy healing than I’ve explained (obviously!). Here is a great video demonstration of Michael D’Alton in action with Tamara Bull from First Talk here in Vancouver.


Fringe therapy – or channelling the healer within using Bio-Energy…?

Bio-Energy healing can be a difficult concept to grasp. There is little understanding about it in science – and is often considered to be a type of ‘fringe’ therapy – however more and more so-called fringe therapies are proving effective for a many ailments, minor and serious.

Without question, we are submerged by energy (vibration) – it’s just a part of our world – and even scientists agree that everything in life is formed by vibration due to the rapid movement of electrons and protons of every atom. And to put it simply, we are affected by this energy.

However, most of us have a limited perspective of ourselves because we act and react from a ‘physical’ frame of mind – we tend not to look at ourselves as multi-dimensional beings who are not only physical – but emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Famous Healers Include:

Interesting Fringe Healing Factoids:

  • Disease is connected to the energy disturbances of the aura, stemming from blocked emotions and thoughts that deplete physical energies, increasing the susceptibility of illness.
  • A healer is considered to be one who has learned to attune to the metaphysical or spiritual forces in order to help to balance the energy fields as well as the flow of energy within the body.

Why should you try it?

It might actually help you to resolve an issue (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) that regular western medicine (allopathic) cannot.

Adventure, Patricia Taylor, May 2008

Video credits: Michael D’Alton’s YouTube Channel
Video credits: First Talk with Tamara Bull, Episode 11

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