Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.47.03 PMThe Adventure – Taking the Level 1 German New Medicine (GNM) Workshop

There is a train of thought that cancer is a naturally occurring process that takes place in the body after something of a shocking nature takes place.

It’s as natural as getting a pimple or boil.

And it interests me because a good friend and colleague died from a rare ovarian cancer.

And she was WAY too young to die.

How GNM was discovered…

In 1978, a German medical doctor named Dr. Hamer developed cancer after the death of his son. Being extremely healthy, he couldn’t figure out why he ended up with it. It wasn’t something that ‘ran in the family’ – and there was no issue with environmental conditions. So he began to wonder if there was a correlation between shock events and cancer. He ended up studying and interviewing thousands of patients with cancer and discovered that every single person had some sort of shock event take place. During his research, he scientifically concluded that:

“much of what we consider to be disease, including cancer, originates from an unexpected conflict or emotional shock (a biological conflict), affecting not only the psyche, but also the part of the brain that corresponds biologically to a specific trauma and a specific organ, triggering a biological program, designed to assist and support us in resolving a biological conflict. A biological program describes the progress of a disease in a two phase pattern of conflict activity followed by healing.”

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure German New Medicine John TheobaldJohn Theobald

A friend of mine, John Theobald, started weekend workshops instructing interested individuals about the Principles behind GNM, including the different types of cancers and the root causes behind each type. In his training, he also explores shock events and the road to healing – including the possibility that we can all heal from whatever disease we may be suffering from.

But what I discovered is that it goes farther than that – it can be any kind of illness.

This, of course, led me down the rabbit hole – and I wanted to know more about this concept – so I signed up and learned everything I could.


It was an enlightening workshop, to be sure, and a lot of it made sense to me. It made me think about the naysayers out there who promote misdirection and the pharmaceutical cartels who attempt to ridicule anything that they can’t make money off of. If anything, they need to keep us sick to make money.

I suspect that a lot of illness in this world has probably already been cured but has been buried for the sake of financial gain.

But…who can really say.

I just know that there is much in this world that is held back, hidden, or undiscovered. But it is the magic of these fearless individuals that give me hope for our future.

Thank you.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, September 2012