The Adventure: Build A Recording Studio

This particular adventure took a long time to do and a long time to figure out.

Especially because everything was new.

I had no idea about the different microphones, and pop-filters, and music box thingy bobber.

And not a single clue about the computer program I needed to record all the different sounds.

And who knew about the housing for the microphone?

With the advice of my neighbour, composer Kenton Gilchrist, I built a box lined with foam and plunked the microphone and stand inside of it.

I was so lucky to receive background music from the very talented musician and inspiration, Paul Hampton, from Perth, Australia.

Then I did everything I could do to learn my MacBook Pro’s GarageBand so I could start recording.

I discovered a few random things…like how wet and dry my mouth can be and how the microphone picks up every single minuscule sound…like the refrigerator in the other room, cars driving by, including the sound of my computer. And cats are a definite no-no…especially with their harmonic purring vibration.

It was a challenging process trying to learn something that, quite frankly, no one else in my life was doing.

But it didn’t end there. I then had to edit the recording. And sometimes re-record. Then edit. Then re-record.

It was a long and arduous process, but in the end, it worked out well.

I made several recordings and have put one of them online for sale. Check out a sample here ==>> http://patriciataylorhypnotherapy.com/

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, February 2013