Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Women's Self DefenseThe Adventure – Women’s Self Defense

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Women's Self DefenseI lived on the Highway of Tears.

I lived in communities where it wasn’t exactly uncommon for there to be some sort of abuse.

I was brutally stalked by a horrible man that lasted for years.

I live in a world where men cannot understand why it is that I feel uncomfortable hiking in the woods or walking by myself in the evenings in my neighbourhood.

Men confidently meander wherever they want with no thought of getting mugged or attacked.

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Women's Self DefenseMen just simply do not understand the fear many women carry around with them. They don’t get it because they’ve never been put in that situation.

It’s difficult for them to understand because they are not the physically weaker sex. And yes, I know, there are some very strong women out there.

Darren Maughan & Self-Defense

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Women's Self DefenseWhen I took Darren Maughan’s Self defense course, he taught me so many amazing things that I refuse to mention on this website.

And this wonderful man, trains people all over the world, making them feel confident and helping them to protect themselves. His company is international and they offer very specialized types of high end security services. Check him out at AOPS International.

As a side bonus – let’s just say I also know how to survive an actual carjacking with my life intact.

I wished that I could have spent more time with Darren – there is just still so much to learn.

Check out his video below.

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