Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Downhill Mountain Biking
The Adventure: Downhill Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Downhill Mountain BikingMountain Biking

Okay…first off, I am, without question, a bit of a klutz. I walk into walls on occasion, slam my hand in car doors, accidentally drop things, and it goes on.

So…what happens when you load me up with the same kind of protective gear a hockey player wears then put me on something that has two wheels?

I felt like a warrior priThe Adventure: Downhill Mountain Bikingncess just before I crashed in the empty parking lot.

Flat on my back.

Yes, I was shown what to do. And yes, the parking lot was empty.

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Downhill Mountain BikingI just simply fell over.

After I picked myself up off the ground and dusted myself off, I got back on that bike, full metal gear and all, and proceeded to kick some mountain biking ass.

Sort of.
There was just no way I could take flying leaps or do crazy stunts.

I was scared to be sure, but between the feelings of fear of falling and puncturing my body with tree branches and whatnot, injuring vital organs, dying by crashing into a tree, I felt something else, something totally unexpected.

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Downhill Mountain Biking

I was having actually having fun doing this alien thing.

For me, biking is something I do on the seawall…or going for a leisurely bike in some camping area. Not full on, geared up, helmet, warrior-style.

And I was filmed, of course.

Everything caught on camera.

Even me talking to myself like an idiot, trying to convince myself that I wasn’t going to die that day.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, May 2013

The Adventure: Downhill Mountain Biking