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Way back when in the olden days, I took Criminology in school. At the time, my instructor had studied motorcycle gangs and how they functioned as a system. The one thing that fascinated me was the concept of a ‘biker bitch’. Apparently, biker bitches’ were like property. They were owned by the bikers and could be used in any sort of way possible. They could even be killed without reprocussion within the group itself.

But I am no man’s bitch.

Even farther back in the olden, olden days, I was a little girl in the front seat of my daddy’s truck. My parents, sister and myself, were following a family friend who was on his motorcycle in front of us. Then, in front of my eyes, he crashed his motorcycle and went off the road into the ditch. He lived, but broke a few things.

I’ve never forgotten.

In my teenage years, a boy I knew who would eventually be tried and convicted of murder, took me for a ride on his motorcycle. As we blazed down the highway, I felt this incredible feeling of peace and freedom wrap me up in it’s loving arms, protecting me, lifting me higher and higher.

I fell in love with the feeling of freedom in that one moment.

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Motorcycle LessonsFor as long as I can remember, my attraction to the motorcycle has never waivered.

So when given the opportunity to learn how to ride, Matthew from ProRide Motorcycle Training spent the day with me and taught me the basic skills on a bike. And even though I didn’t get my certification, it just simply made me want more.

I will get my motorcycle license. It’s just a matter of when.

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