#69 – UFO HUNT

The Adventure: Going on a UFO Hunt

Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor UFO HuntI received an invitation to go on a UFO expedition at Mount Baker:

Here’s your opportunity to meet people from all over the Northwest for high mountain UFO oriented adventures but you don’t need to be a hiker or backpacker to participate. The above photo is of a mountain in the North Cascades of Washington State called Mt. Larrabee and the jagged toothed ridge running off of it to the right is named the Pleiades. The southern half of this mountain is in the US and the northern half is in Canada, so Canadians, this is your mountain, too! As far as we’re concerned, this location is not just a UFO hotspot but is OWNED if you get my drift.

Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to discover if the truth is really out there, I ask?

As I made the perilous journey in the darkness driving up Mt Baker, I found myself walking into a bar in the middle of nowhere, mysteriously filled with people from all over the country.

This was where I was supposed to meet my UFO group.

Thomas Sanger, who organized the UFO hunt, brought together a large group of normal people, just like you and me. And I sat there and listened to the stories – some interesting, some rather chilling – with everything in-between.

I met the head of UFO BC, an engineer from BC Hydro, who shared other people’s stories from sightings across BC and the Yukon. I liked the way he presented the information…all very matter of factly, questioning everything. He had vulcan logic, if you will.

Love engineers for that. Very practical.

Even though the weather put a bit of a damper on things that evening for the night time excursion into the mountainous terrain, the people I met ended up making it worth the trip.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, September 2013