Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure HalloweenThe Adventure – All Hallow’s Eve Monster Child

Sometimes I am, without question, the world’s biggest dork. It just is what it is.

Every hallowe’en when women and men get all excited to dress up like naughty schoolgirls, sexy nuns, sexy sluts, sexy mermaids, sexy sleuths, or any other sexy something or another, I look at it as my golden opportunity to dress up as Paranoid, or the Donnie Darko Bunny…or something else that puts a shit-eating grin on my face.

Yup. If I wanted to be a sexy-something-or-another, I can do that any other day of the year.

I don’t need to use Hallowe’en as my permission slip to get my slut on.


At Hallowe’en, I’m going to dig deep into the crevices of my imagination and pull something out!

I decided this year to become the love child of Monster’s Inc characters. I was like a full on stuffed teddy bear, sporting a huge tail and single dangling eyeball the size of a grapefruit.

Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor HalloweenAnd of course I went to the Halloween party of the year…I don’t think I’ve seen so much skin in my life – not even at a beach. So when I walked in the door wearing my shiny green and blue monster suit, you could say that heads definitely turned.

I was wearing enough clothing for everyone in attendance.

Maybe it’s just me, or has something weird happened to Hallowe’en?

It’s like I’ve blinked and everyone has lost their costume.
But no matter, I was kicking some serious butt in my monster outfit.

I LOVED my costume.

And now, I keep thinking that next year I’m going to dress up as a squirrel or maybe a beaver. Or maybe something witty.

Who can really say?

See you next year!

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, October 2013