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Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Guns

The Adventure – Restricted and Non-Restricted Firearms Certifications

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Guns

Tricked again into getting firewood.

My father always used to say to my sister and I, “If you come out and get firewood with me, I’ll let you shoot the gun.”

The gun being a .22 calibre rifle, that is.

And he tricked me every single time into slave labour just so I could shoot that sucker.

I not only grew up around guns, but even used them in my line of work. And I will also inherit guns. I’m okay with all of this.

After all, I am the son of my father.

Now, I’m not a gun hater, but I do have a VERY healthy respect for them. Guns have killed people I know through suicide and murder. One of my best friends carries one as an RCMP officer.

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure GunsBut…they have also been the reason why I grew up with venison and moose and elk and grouse on the table.

Now just because there are WAY too many people out there who are foolish and young, ten feet tall and bulletproof, who haven’t once been shown to respect the gun or LIFE, doesn’t mean I need to remain ignorant of how they work.

In fact, I actually find shooting guns to be quite pleasurable – particularly when there is a target in mind. One of the adventures I’d like to do involves skeet shooting and handgun training.

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure GunsLike I said to all those who are fearful of the gun…when you learn about it, how it’s built, how it works, the maintenance, it’s history, how it fires, and the damage it can cause – it removes all mystery.

It’s sort of like the time when I learned how to fly planes. It removed the mystery of flight which I think would benefit those fearful of air travel.

In learning about guns and their mechanics, I also learned that many of my friends didn’t like this adventure I was on because of their preconceived notions.

I’ve seen the whole Bowling for Columbine and the damage the students did with guns and all the fallout after the fact.. I think Michael Moore is great, but I wasn’t particularly fond of what he did to Charlton Heston. It just seemed petty.

There are always two sides to each story – and I see both the good and bad with guns. I’ve had food on my table because of the mighty rifle – but I’ve also lost people who’s lives were taken by the gun. It may be a double-edged sword, but it is one that I am okay with wielding just as long as I have a healthy respect and fear of guns.

Long story short, I took my restricted and non-restricted firearms certification.

‘Nuff said.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, February 2014

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Guns