Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure OrthobionomyThe Adventure – Orthobionomy

There’s this obscure thing called orthobionomy that rare few people have heard about. It is a mysterious healing practice that re-adjusts your body, your entire system, on so many different levels.

But it’s this very obscure thing that moved me forward with my health.

The healing process is a mystery to me, I swear.


During the first session, she showed me how one hip was higher than the other…and that my shoulder being pulled down toward it.

My body was pinching up which was causing my adrenal glands to be on all the time, causing undue additional stress on my system.

After spending an hour and a half with her doing physical manipulations and body work, I could tell something had shifted.

All of a sudden, I felt a different kind of a pain.

A pain that got very intense and lasted a long while. But it was a good pain. I could tell.

So I deliberately spaced out the appointments because I wanted to get a feel for what was happening inside my body.

All I knew was that something was different.

After my second visit, almost all the pain I ever experienced was gone. It was gone…but after two sessions with Jan McKenna, I felt fixed.

Glued together, mind you, but fixed.

If you want to try a session with her – call her at (604) 885-5114 or email her at [email protected]

It’ll be worth the money.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, March 2014