Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Treasure HuntThe Adventure – Plotting out a Treasure Hunt

The one thing I have always love about life is the thrill of the chase. The hunt for hidden treasure, or something unexpected.

Using my skills as a mapper in conjunction with my love of Granville Island, I soon created a treasure hunt that included finding secrets under water, on the bulletin boards to find clues, in the centre of a sphere, going into shops and interacting with the shopkeepers who are the keepers of secrets, until the hunter finally finds the last resting spot of where the treasure lays.

And I’ve designed the hunt in the perfect spot…Granville Island…which is a self-contained mecca of sights and sounds and performers and artwork and artisans and shops and food and restaurants and boats and floathomes – you name it. It is insular, so you know that everything you need to find is on island.

In essence, it is a hunt that includes basic mapping, navigation (how to put gps coordinates in google maps) on your phone, using your imagination, and having fun.

I’ve created a hunt that I myself would like to go on one day. It’s for the treasure hunter in me. I want to find that pot of gold at the end.

So, instead, I created a hunt that I myself would like to go on with myself – but I’ve designed it for others.

Imagine this being a first date.

Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor Treasure HuntWhat a great way to experience each other by doing something that is fun with a reward at the end – like dinner and dancing.

I set one up for a friend he was interested in dating downtown Vancouver.

But, at Granville Island, I set one up for photojournalist, Quinn Bender. And at the end of the treasure hunt, the pot of gold he found was me. And beer.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, April 2014