Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Blood DonorThe Adventure – Donating Blood

There are certain things I really don’t like in life. Like the smell of fish or cologne. Men and toilet bowls. Pierced ears.

These things horrify me to no end.

But one of the biggest things I hate, I mean, really hate….are needles. Needles putting things inside of me, needles taking things out. It all just plain sucks.

So when the huge blood donation mobile unit was blocking my way into my office, I took it as a sign that I should consider the possibility of having an adventure I would probably hate.

It’s character building and all.

I should have known that things were not going well when I told the nurse that I don’t like looking at needles going into the body – with her response being: neither do I. It was inevitable that she completely missed any veins or arteries or whatever it was that she was looking for. The absolute pain of her continuously missing was torture.

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Donating BloodWe sort of clued in that something went wrong when the blood bag was not filling up much. Finally, when she got it in right, the bag filled up within mere minutes.

I didn’t get dizzy or anything, but I was really bruised after the fact.

All I know is that it is likely that someone out there who shares my rare blood type is appreciating my valiant effort to help out their life a bit.

When you’ve got blood as rare as mine, you kind of take notice of everyone who shares it. Trust me, I know who has my blood. I can give to everyone, but I can only take from my own.


© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, May 2014