Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor PRICE IS RIGHTThe Adventure –  Going on The Price is Right

When I was a little girl, I rarely watched TV. I was always out and about with all my imaginary friends going off on all sorts of adventure. But, when forced to be inside, there wePatricia Taylor Monthly Adventure The Price is Rightre only a few tv shows I liked to watch that weren’t cartoons…one of those being, The Price is Right.

I would never get the right price on anything. My guesses were so far off base, that it’s likely I would never leave contestant’s row.

But the thought of winning a new car, or going off on a dream vacation, always sucked me in. Especially the showcase showdown. Loved it.

So when my favourite childhood tv game show came to town, I looked at it as my golden opportunity to make my youthful dream of being a contestant a reality.

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure The Price is RightMy friends, of course, thought I was the world’s biggest loser to go and do this – but I could care less!! I had the biggest shit-eating grin on my face that could not be wiped off!

There were flashing lights and videos showing people winning. There was the

So when the main guy who says, “Come on down! You’ve been selected as the next contestant on the Price is Right” decided to leave the stage and say hello to the audience, he walked up the aisle and picked me out of the thousands of screaming fans.

He had me get up and say who I was, where I lived, and then told me to turn around and say hello to everyone.

Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor PRICE IS RIGHTAs I turned around and looked up, it was pandemonium, everyone was screaming and waving and saying hello to me! I started waving like an idiot, with the biggest shit-eating grin on my face, so excited to be selected, and it didn’t matter at that moment that I wasn’t a contestant. I totally felt like a winner!!!

After the show, I had my photo taken with the host, the announcer, and the two ladies who introduced the products.

I didn’t go on stage, I had no opportunity to spin the wheel, I won absolutely nothing…but I felt like a winner.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, July 2014