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My dad’s side of the family is kind of interesting. We were related somehow to one of Canada’s richest multi-billionaires, the legendary financial tycoon E.P. Taylor who had race horses and eventually moved somewhere warm to live out the rest of his days.

My grandfather, however, disowned his family because, according to the family gossip, he was disgusted with the greed and viciousness displayed by his family. He wanted nothing to do with it, so he completely cut out of his life.

Interesting, to be sure.

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Saunders Family FarmMy grandfather was many things. A businessman, a gas station owner, an electronics repairman, a farmer. In fact, our family was renowned for their strawberries. My grandfather sold his strawberries back in the 30’s and 40’s exclusively to the Banff Springs Hotel. They were perfection itself.

Apparently my family has a history of farming in Canada that dates back to the 1850’s. Many generations of farming.

So when I was presented an opportunity to go back to the area where my grandfather produced his incredible strawberries, to learn about farming, and even better yet, to work in the facility where my family produces their amazing jams and jellies, I jumped at it.

My family – Faith, Gord, and Tanner, greeted me with open arms – and then put me directly to work!

There is no rest on a farm.

Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Saunders Family Farm

Christmas Morning with Crepes and the Family Jam

I picked strawberries from the fields, I stirred the jam on the stoves, I poured jams into the jars and sealed them. I labelled the jars. I boxed the jars, you name it.

Faith, Gord, and Tanner are now the heart of this inter-generational family operation located in Windermere.

Check out their website at https://saundersfamilyfarm.ca/

Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor Saunders Family Farm Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor Saunders Family Farm

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