Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor Paddle BoardingThe Adventure – Stand Up Paddling

I wasn’t sure how I would respond to being on a board with a paddle.

I felt a small tremor of fear envelop me as I grabbed my board, my paddle and waded into the water.

This seemed a bit close to kayaking – so I had a few issues under my belt. I wish I could just get over it, but all horrendous things take time to process.

This too shall pass.

And it all started because It was I was feeling somewhat restless (bored) and wanted to go out and do something, anything.

That’s normally when I get into trouble 🙂

And paddle-boarding was something I did not foresee in any part of my future.

Especially on this very windy day.

I kept slipping and sliding, everywhere. I finally gave up with the whole concept of standing and finally just decided I was better off on my knees, closer to the board, better balance.

There were boaters, sailboats, and all sorts of people in the water doing different things. I guess whhen the wind is out, loads of people are out on the water to play.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, September 2014