Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor Dungeons and Dragons

Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor Dungeons & Dragons

What is this sharp pointy thing?

The Adventure – Dungeons & Dragons

In my mind’s eye, I am an otherworldly creature in search of a story, a quest.

And it just so happens that my faithful companion is an armoured polar bear of extreme size and speed.

Unfortunately, he sometimes forgets things…like the time when I told him not to eat our travelling companions.

That was a bit unfortunate.

Now…you don’t know me…we just met. All I know is that we seem to have come together for a purpose – and I’m beginning to suspect that you are of a questionable nature.

But that’s okay…it takes one to know one.

You actually don’t know why I’m here – and I’m not telling you. Not now, anyhow.


Me & my Armoured Polar Bear

Truth be told, I don’t know if any amongst us are who we really say we are – but I’m glad we’re together. It seems that enemies lurk around every corner.

And, depending on my mood, I could be yours.

I am, after all, chaotic neutral with tendencies towards all sorts of interesting things.

That is my character and this is how we play.

To live, to survive, to fight another day.

If…my bear doesn’t eat you first.

Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor Dungeons & Dragons

Try me…


This game, Dungeons & Dragons, is for those who DARE to have an imagination.

It’s for those who can think outside the box – and likely smash the box to smithereens using either a crossbow, broad sword, or even a whispered word or two.

It is a game where everything and anything is possible. If you can think it, it actually happens.

You roll up your character, select a species, define your path, and the rest is up to you.

And like life…you’re fragile…and you can easily live or die.

The Appeal

For those of you who know my values…those pesky little things that define who I am as human being, my purpose in life, and so on…well, you’d know this game ultimately fulfills my top 5 value requirements:

  1. Imagination
  2. Knowledge
  3. Uniqueness
  4. Freedom
  5. Connection
Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor Dungeons and Dragons

Game Map

It’s sort of fitting, this list, especially when you think about my adventurous lifestyle choice.

Granted, there are other values I possess – but these are the top ones that DEFINE who I am. And this game, this amazing game of the imagination, captures the very essence of who I am – a woman with an adventurous and imaginative spirit in search of the meaning of Life.

Now…what was it that Einstein said about imagination?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”


Einstein would be a formidable ally/foe in this game.

Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor Dungeons & Dragons

Game of Thrones

I always swore that if I could find anyone to play with, I would jump at the opportunity.

The statistics were against me – 99.9999% of my friends never played the game – and would never play in a million-gazillion years.

It’s just not for some people – and it’s not exactly brought up in normal conversation.

“Hi, my name’s Patricia. I have two science degrees and I like cats. Do you play Dungeons and Dragons?”

But, the stars were aligned and the stats were skewed, and next thing you know…I met a fellow who knew a fellow who offered me a seat in their campaign.

And so I played with an awesome group of strangers, who I am fortunate enough to now call friends.

And yes…I do get called the world’s hugest dorkmeister for playing – but what do my people know? The reality of the situation is such that I will gladly own that title just to be able to play.

Granted, it’s entirely likely that I suck crap at it – but to sit down with a group of people and play a sometimes friendly-deadly game where you actually get to use your brain, your imagination…well…how can it not get those pistons all fired up?

For those who know nothing – consider Game of Thrones, please. I know you’ve seen it on TV by now. Visualize that I’m someone from the North (because I am), and am now living in the South (because I am), and that I like all things snow and ice (because I do), and that I have a huge direwolf (Vera Rottweiler) that protects me from bad people (because she does).

This is fantasy. This is Dungeons & Dragons.

Now, fair warning, the game may actually have absolutely nothing to do with a dungeon or a dragon, for that matter.

Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor Dungeons and Dragons

Ogre Podcasts

Ogre Podcasts

Since I last played with this great group of people – they’ve created some free gaming podcasts.

Go check them out at:

Their ABOUT page (word for word):

Ogre Plays Games has a very simple philosophy.


We’re a bi-weekly “Let’s Play” podcast with a radio play focus. Three to four performers come together to play pen & paper role playing games, act out what their characters say and do, and create a fun and entertaining story together. Rules will be discussed. Character creation will be gone over in depth. Sound effects and music are added to make the game feel more alive.

Our Minions:

Thanks for checking us out, and keep playing games.



And I do recommend you check them out. Or go play with them. They’re awesome.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, December 2014

Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor Dungeons & Dragons

Me & my trusty sword