Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor Tango Dance Lessons with Susana DominguesThe Adventure – Tango Dance Lessons

There is something provocative about tango.

Something deliciously hot.

The way that the man holds you intensely, passionately, lovingly…in his arms.

The way that he frees you to become this glorious creature, a precious flower, a dazzling star in the night sky.

He moves.

You move.

And the music fills your senses, your soul, as you move to its magic.

Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor Susana Domingues TangoSusana Domingues

Susana was my Salsa dance instructor years ago, but then I decided it was time to shift into Tango.

And there is a reason why I chose her as my Tango instructor – her style of instruction is awesome.

I’ve linked a video (see below) of Susana dancing – unfortunately, it isn’t Tango…but who cares?

She is an incredible dancer and I can’t wait to get less busy so I can start dancing again!

Check her out at her website here – http://www.salsavancouver.com/tango/tango_main.htm

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