GORMAN STUDIOS 2015 from Gorman Studios on Vimeo.

The Adventure – Becoming the Chief Operating Officer at a Decorative Arts Atelier

I started my career at Gorman Studios, one of the world’s leading decorative arts ateliers.

It’s been quite the experience.

I am surrounded by some of the world’s most amazing artists…and watching them work is like a gift.

Because the Studio is one of a kind, we are, at times, completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work.

And, most of our work is international with Reps in Dubai, London, New York and Miami.

It’s been quite the experience for this girl with a background in Environmental Planning – specializing in Integrated Resource Management, and Natural Resources – Forestry. But, like all things, skills are transferrable – which is where my Project Management skills come into play.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, March 2015