Patricia Taylor Monthly Adventure Life CoachingThe Adventure – Getting My International Life Coaching Certification

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of taking Michelle Burn’s ‘Energy Rich Beings’ life coaching program. It helped me to focus on a particular direction in my life, and still today, I refer to my training.

But now, with every single adventure I go on, I am constantly in a state of learning. I am swimming around in a sea filled with meaning.

And I feel alive.

So I decided to share my life with others, helping them to live a life they consider worth living, to become the hero of their own story.

And it’s been awesome.

But now…Michelle Burns, Life Transformation Coach is training me to get my International Life Coaching Certification so as to help me hone my skills, get that fancy piece of paper, and make it more official to the outside world.

And it’s all great stuff.

Life Coaching Isn’t Counselling

I’ve had a few people think that this is nothing more than counselling, but life coaching is about changing and making plans for a better future. It’s about stepping up and moving forward.

But change isn’t easy, is it?

It’s about dealing with your crap, the stories you tell yourself that keep you down, the ones that keep you small.

Or, it could be the boost you need to chase after your dreams, your goals.

It’s about jumping out of that rut.


And how exciting is that?

Interested in Coaching?

I’m excited to announce that I will be working with new clients later on this year – so stay tuned!

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