Monthly Adventure Patricia Taylor Personal TrainerThe Adventure – Getting a Personal Trainer

This badass is my new personal trainer.

Hello Monthly Adventure # 95.

It is his diabolical plan to kick my butt back into fighting form after being sick for so long! 💪

Not only is he training me on weights – but he’s instructing me how to hit the boxing bags (because I want to punch something 😊).

AND…he’s not afraid to tell me to stop being such a wimp and to push that shit out!

This will work out nicely between the two of us, I just know it.

So why get a trainer?

Sometimes we need a little help – and a personal trainer may be exactly what we need to take our lives to the next level. A few things they can do for you, include:

  1. They make you accountable.
  2. They create a personalized fitness plan specific to you.
  3. They challenge you to push harder, do more.
  4. They can help you get faster results.
  5. They encourage and motivate you.

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