exit the rainmaker…

Two decades ago, I was concerned about getting a vehicle.

Not for the more obvious reasons you might think. I was afraid that if I got a vehicle, I’d turn on the ignition, drive away, and never look back, giving in to the wanderlust that ensnares my soul at times.

There is a precedent for this concern. I once went away on vacation and didn’t return for two years.

So when I came across the book, ‘Exit the Rainmaker’, I was captivated.

It was the story of a man, Jay Carsey, who walked away from his entire existence – his job, his home, his friends, his wife – by disappearing. What made this story unusual was that he was the president of a college in the US. He had ‘the house’, the trophy wife. Everything was seemingly perfect on the outside. In fact, there was no keeping up with the Joneses here…he was the Jones.

Other than running away from the problems that can sometimes plague one’s existence, what could possibly possess someone to do something like this?

I was intrigued.

Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to just…disappear. I sometimes feel like running away from my life. To walk away and become someone new. Someone else. Someone different. To say the story struck a chord in me is an understatement.

But then I am reminded of a few things.

I love my family. I love my kittens. I love my friends. I love my existence. If I want change in my life, I make the changes. Life just doesn’t happen to me. I try to live my life on purpose.

And I can’t run away from life. I can’t stop growing. The brave thing is to take responsibility and become 100% accountable for the way life has turned out. To make the changes that need changing. To accept myself for who I am, where I am.

Easier said than done, I am sure.

In December 2009, a huge fire destroyed an entire hanger at an airport. A man was reported missing and assumed dead. Interestingly enough, his remains were NOT found at the scene. Like Jay Carsey, did he ‘exit the rainmaker’?

CREDITS: Image by Salvatore Vuono