in high heels & hiking boots

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Go do the hiking trip in the book that had the prettiest picture and most scenic view.

Made perfect sense to me.

How hard could it be??

Of course, the book was somewhat out of date.

There was no mention of the 99 road deactivations that would allow only 4×4 vehicles to pass.

99 road deactivations on the way,
99 road deactivations on the way,
You drive down one,
You try to get around,
98 deactivations left to go…

You know, those HUGE chunks of roadway removed from the entire width of road. Sort of like the opposite of a speed bump….but WAY BIGGER. Some were nice and had a gentle incline/decline – others, not so kind to Tobi’s back bumper. Then there were the huge potholes intertwined with pieces of road gone AWOL, missing in action.  And the boulders…I mean, rocks.

Good times.

The whole thing was my fault, really.

It was my birthday, therefore my choice of trip.

The skies were blue. It was nice and warm. A great opportunity to go out and explore the Chilliwack area with the poochies, Enos and Maya.

Of course I had a complete brain-fart.

What coastal mountain range doesn’t have SNOW on it? And who wore her fabulous shoes with huge gaping breathing holes in them?

Ah yes.

Silly, silly me.

After years and years and years of growing up in the woods and being in Forestry, you’d think I’d plan smarter.

Must be old age setting in already.

Afterwards, I did find this lovely website: Vancouver Trails.

They mention the snow, what type of gear to bring, recent comments about trail conditions…and, of course, the road that was deactivated…which took place AFTER the last printing of my hiking guide book.

They are my new best friend.

Yet another GREAT adventure, this time shared with two GREAT friends, Tobi and Elo.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, Vancouver, Canada