The Adventure – Video Submission for a TEDx

I was SO EXCITED to hear that the TED Talks were expanding to Vancouver.

Thrilled, in fact.

I have always enjoyed watching all the inspirational talks…and now, they were asking for video submissions in my city!!

I rallied together two friends – Vicky, the filmmaker who I had another adventure with as a Film Extra – and Ingrid, who created The Kindness Flag Project – stemming from the Stanley Cup Riots in Vancouver.

It took FOREVER to put together a script that would be under 3 minutes.

It was challenging, to be sure. It was all about Living a Life Worth Living…and surely I was doing EXACTLY that!

The day before we were to film, I finally finished the script and realized I had to memorize it. It was incredibly challenging because I had a guest from out of town staying with me who watched the entire thing.

I felt like a bug under a microscope.

After a few haphazard attempts, I finally blurted it all out…and I realize now, without a smile on my face. And I’m normally a smiler!

Vicky was incredible. She shot this footage and took some pre-existing footage and created this wonderful 3 minute submission.

So…off it went to the TED panel – and just as quick – it got completely and utterly rejected.

Yeah…I guess they weren’t so keen on the fact that I was speaking about Sasquatch Hunting. Maybe I should have changed it to something more serious…like donating my body to science for MS, or whatever.

Instead, I picked something near and dear to my heart…something that made me feel like a little kid all over again.

Without questions, I will still say this after all these years, it was still my favourite adventure.

© Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor, October 2012