the unusual incident at the grocers…

It was one of those oddly surrealistic moments in time when you walk into a high-end grocery store, see a cowbell near the till, and become uncontrollably compelled to start whaling on it – quite insistently, in fact – while shouting:

‘more cowbell…MORE COWBELL!!!!!’

I really don’t know what possessed me. No one gave me a permission slip to do this. To look childish, foolish even. The type of people who do this sort of thing are normally the people who don’t know they aren’t supposed to be doing this sort of thing.

But maybe, just maybe, somewhere deep down inside of me, I actually had some intrinsic knowledge of knowing that I don’t require a permission slip to go up to the damn bell and ring it.

Now…some people probably thought I was crazy. Others might have thought I was interesting, or even funny. The fact is, I am never going to please them all. I just know I need to please myself. And it pleased me GREATLY to ring that bell.

This has never happened before, but I look forward to it happening again.  Why not behave foolishly and spread some child-like joy?

Here is a silly spoof with Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live.  They INSPIRED me to be silly. And why not? 🙂

© 2010 Monthly Adventure, Patricia Taylor

CREDITS: Image of Cow by Simon Howden