Set up a Life you don’t need to escape from…

When people think of adventure, they dream of escaping to far off lands half way around the world, with breezes carrying the scent of otherworldly realms, filled with pirates and ancient ruins. For me, adventure is simply about doing something I’ve never done before. From learning how to fly planes to trekking deep into the forest in search of a mythological beast, I’ve discovered adventure in my own back yard…and I didn’t even need to leave home to find it.

With almost 100 monthly adventures under my belt, I feel invincible…like I could do anything.

The only thing that tries to stop me is my mind. It sometimes tries to convince me that I’m not allowed to do things because it’s in direct conflict with what other people might say – or even ingrained belief patterns that tell me something isn’t ‘normal.’

Well, what is normal anyways? I suspect it might be boring, routine, and mundane.

Fact is, I’m not boring and I’m not normal. I’ve changed and I now hear new thought patterns. I see the world in a whole new way – a better way. I am changed with each adventure I go on.

And you can change, too, if you’d like.

With each adventure you go on, you can learn to push through that brain-barrier that consistently attempts to paralyze you into inaction. No more wallowing away in a routine that leaves you feeling negative, stagnant, or in a constant state of fear.

Imagine your everyday life transformed from ordinary into extraordinary.

When you set up a life you don’t need to escape from…you WIN.

One adventure, once a month, for the rest of my life.